We offer special discounts for groups, wedding parties, or for those of you who know you'll want that extra hydration and boost in the future.


Book an appointment for 4 or more people and everyone will receive 15% off their services.


Book one of our nurses to come hydrate you and your wedding party before the big day, on the day of or after all the festivities. Everyone will receive 15% off their services and both the bride and groom will each receive their own 2 FREE add ons. Must be 4 or more people. 


Save $20-$25 on your IV therapy when you book our Monthly Membership. Choose which signature IV fits your needs best and you will receive that once a month for 6 consecutive months. IV therapies must be received at least 1 week apart. You will be automatically charged every month for 6 months on the same day the initial purchase was made.


Plan ahead and save 15% by purchasing 4 IV drips at once through our IV Series. Choose which signature IV fits your needs best and you may book 4 appointments with our nurses within the next 4-6 weeks. IV therapies must be received at least 1 week apart.


Were you planning on receiving more than just one booster shot?

Did you want to surprise a friend or coworker with an extra boost, too?

Save on multiple Booster Shots:‚Äč

$5 off when you purchase a 3-pack of Booster Shots

$10 off when you purchase a 4-pack of Booster Shots

All 3 or 4 Booster Shots must be redeemed at same appointment.


If you are planning on reaping the benefits of our Booster Shots for an entire year, we have something special just for you. Save yourself hundreds of dollars with a one-time purchase of:

Monthly 3-pack Booster Shots x 1 year or

Monthly 4-pack Booster Shots x 1 year

All 3 or 4 Booster Shots must be redeemed at same appointment.

Gift giving can be easy and incredibly beneficial. Give your friends and loved ones the gift of health and wellness with an Ayurveda Hydration gift card. $15 and $50 amounts are available as well as an option for you to choose the amount you'd like to give.

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Ayurveda Hydration
Ayurveda Hydration
Ayurveda Hydration

Centrally located in Detroit, MI we serve the greater metro area including Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland counties.